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For those of you who don't know me, I'm Earl Kurburski.  I'm a 61 year old retired Army Musician who has found an avocation with developing a website, Gunshows-USA.com.  For the last ten to twelve years I have been attending gun shows throughout the midwest selling gun related accessories of one kind or another as I developed a following on the website.  Through the years I have tried several different things to include a website called 99centmanuals.com.  Other interests have included several musical sites and at one time a personal rant site.  None of the other sites have really taken off so having just retired (again), this time from doing the gun shows as a vendor, I have been pondering what I should do and what interests I should continue to persue.  Besides going to the gun shows every weekend and maintaining Gunshows-USA.com I also just recently graduated from Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri with a BS in General Studies.  I am now enrolled in a Masters program at University of Saint Mary, Leavenworth, Kansas in Adult Education and the music tech program at Kansas City Community College, in Kansas City, Kansas. 

This site will be developed as a collection of those things that interest me and I hope some of you.  One of the first projects will be to build a collection of files from the 99 cent manuals collection that you will be able to download free of charge.  When I started that site extra bandwidth cost extra money.  I now host almost everything I do with GoDaddy.com and they have unlimited size and bandwidth programs that are extremly affordable.  This will mean I won't need to charge for the downloads that I provide on the site.  I also hope to have a section of mp3's, midi files and other assorted musical files that I have collected through the years.  I will be offering some cd collections of those files for sale BUT only as a service to those who perfer not to go through the process of downloading the files.  I intend to have all files be available in time at no cost if you wish to download them.

How do I intend on supporting all of this work.  Two basic ways.  First, I'm going to be doing a lot of it because I really just want to do it and I want to make as much of my material available for free as possible.  Second I will place Google Ads and other individual ads on the pages like all of the other sites do.  I don't intend of getting rich of of the ads but hopefully I'll make enough to take the wife out to dinner once in a while.