my work ethic

I was listening to Shawn Hannity on the radio this afternoon and he was talking about how he doesn’t know anyone that doesn’t work 12 hour day and on and on.  This was all brought up because of congress taking vacation and no one else he knows takes that kind of vacation.  Any way it got me to thinking about my personel work ethic of late.

I am the type of person that follows his passion.  If I’m turned on I’m all out but I get sidetracked very easy.  I can have several projects going on at once and therefore none of them get the attention they need,  When I first started I would spend hours at the computer getting the information together and the site online.  Now I’m 73 years old and I’ve been working on since I started it in 2001. After 16 years I admit a lot of the passion has gone.  About a year ago I hired a parttime intern through the local college to help maintain the site.  She is presently working 20 hours a week for me and doing almost all of it.  I have to be around a little, once in a while to answer a question but for the most part she is running the site for me.  There has been no real reason to come into work as far as is concerned.  I also have another major site, that has been totally maintained by my daughter.  So, no 12 hour days any longer.

I get up most mornings around 8-9 and get out of the house around 10-11.  Then I go to breakfast somewhere, local diner or McDonalds, and get to the office at between 12 and 1.  Today I ran some errands for my wife before going to work and got here at 3:00.  Many days I’ll set at my desk and fall asleep for a couple hour nap.  At the most I’m only working 2-3 hours a day at the office.  I also go to school at Capalla University on line.  When the 10 week session is going I will spend 5-10 hours a week working on the assigned readings and writing the discussions and the assignments.  I go home around 4-5 and eat dinner before bed.  I’m usually in bed by 9:00.  No later than 10:00.  I’m getting 12-13 hours of sleep every night and I’m still tired all day.

Basically, I’m lazy!  I do little to nothing around the house.  Along with everything else, I’m diabetic and grossly overweight.  I’m 5’9 and weigh 290 pounds.  I need to loose 100 pounds but don’t have the energy to walk a block.

So why all of this.  Because today I’m starting to devote more time to my latest project of  I’m going to try and get something new up here everyday.  It may be crap.  Then again, it just may be something worthwhile..  Let’s just wait and see.

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